How Touch Screens Work

Touch Screens work  instantly  with  All  programs - Just like a mouse.
    Simply touch the screen to respond, explore or create with your computer.
    Choose menu items, press buttons, move objects - simply by touching the screen.

 touch screens are external frames with a clear see-through touch screen.
    They mount outside onto the monitor bezel. The controller is built into their frame.
    Some require power from a wall connection, others tap into the keyboard power.

touch screens are internal, heavy-duty touch screens mounted directly onto      the monitor. Controllers are usually inside the monitor but can be external.




Activation: Pressure Sensitive Light grid interruption
Antiglare: Minimal Zero
Clarity: Medium Best
Damaged by: Very sharp objects Water
Can handle dirt:
Good Good
Made with: Hardened acrylic plastic IR LED Components.
Durability (MTBF): 15 million touches 60 million touches
Warranty: 1 Year 2 Years
Works with: Finger, glove, stylus Finger, glove,soft stylus
  Best  Price Best  Clarity

Add-On touch screens are Infrared type.
Built-In touch screens can be Resistive, Capacitive.

    Touch Screen Features:

  • Convenience of push button control
  • Easy enough for a child to use
  • No dragging mouse to each starting point
  • More intuitive than other input devices 
  • Lasts (2-5 times) longer than a mouse.
  • Low maintenance.
  • No training needed (push button control)