Large Touch Screen Overlays

 Large touch screen overlay with display      

 OPTIR Touch Screen

The OPTIR Touch screen overlay converts large LCD panels into interactive touch displays. Tempered glass is mounted onto the back of the touch frame to protect the monitor screen and optimize touch accuracy. The frame serves as an overlay to the monitor, protecting the display and allowing for touch-capability. The ZV model's thin bezel allows the frame to work with most newer displays. Buy this low-cost add-on touch screen solution for your school, home, or business. 

 - USB connector
 - Velcro to attach to monitor
 - Complete assembly with glass included
 - 1 Year warranty on cable, power supply
 - 2 Year warranty on all IR components
 - Zero force touch 
 - 100% Solid State electronics
 - Compatible with Windows, Linux
 - Dual Touch supports Pinch-and-Zoom apps
 - Plug-and-Play, compatible with all programs
Custom Sizes - Up to 500"

Outdoor Touch Screens - Water resistant