Touch Screens For Education

Child Using Touch Screen


Multi Touch Screen Overlays

Large touch frames for school.
  • 10 touch
  • Fits most TVs 
  • Great for Educational software                              

Ever think it would be nice to have a touch screen tv for classroom use? Touch Overlays turn any screen into a touch screen. They also work with projectors. This option is an inexpensive touch screen solution that can come with protective glass so the display screen doesn’t get damaged. These overlays can also be paired with education software to become smartboards or interactive whiteboards. Up to 40 point multi-touch. 

Magic Touch Overlays

Touch Screen for Special Education
  • Easy to attach
  • Fits most Monitors 
  • Perfect for Special Education                   

These overlays are perfect for teachers needing assistive technology for special education. Many students who are unable to use a mouse can easily touch the monitor get their work done and learn more quickly. Plug the usb cord into the computer and you are ready to work! 


Large format Touch Screen Displays

Large format touch display
  • Includes TV and internal Touchscreen
  • Long-lasting and high-res
  • From LG, Sharp, NEC 

These displays are great if you are looking for an all-in-one package that includes can include an internal touch screen, speakers, and more. High quality screens meant to perform, meant to last. Teachers and students will love interacting with our new touch display models available. 

What software programs work well with touchscreens?

Our touch screens function well with ANY software programs. Free programs that pair especially well with our touch technology include Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, Paint 3d, Google Earth.

Ask us about special benefits for schools 

  • Summer discounts available
  • Products are tax free for educational institutions
  • Easy payment options, including checks